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Scroll down to see our 2022 successful CFE writers, starting with those who earned a place on the prestigious National Honour Roll. Or, enter a name in the search bar and select from the list.

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The successful 2022 CFE writers

Ontario’s CFE National Honour Roll recipients

Congratulations to the 28 successful writers who earned a place on the prestigious National Honour Roll.

Ontario gold medalists

Melanie Jagroop

James Pamic

Aydan Schat

Ontario Honour Roll recipients

Caroline Almas

Kristy Boys

Joyce Chan

Peiyu Dai

Alicia Deibert

Emily Duval

Grant Dempsey

Rachel Fong

Megan Hodinka

Lisa Huang

Emma Liang

Finlay McNally

Alan Pang

Teresa Peng

Melissa Pettau

Dustin Plant

Andrew Ross

Emma Roszell

Talha Surangiwala

Dylan Thondee

Ellen Tong

Zhenzhen Wang

Daniel Yoo

Kelly Zhang

Jessica Zou

Congratulations to our successful 2022 CFE writers

Limitless possibilities await you. Congratulations from CPA Ontario and the more than 100,000 CPAs across our great province. We look forward to seeing the impact that you make.

This list includes only successful candidates who have consented to the public listing. Those who share the same or similar name with another CFE writer will have the last three digits of their candidate number in brackets.