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Tiffany is a partner with KPMG with over 18 years’ experience providing audit, accounting and operational assistance to organizations in the private and public sector. As a member of its National Inclusion and Diversity Council, she is actively involved in driving KPMG’s I&D strategy across the firm. She has been involved in educational programming with CPA Ontario as a session leader within the Professional Education Program, a facilitator for the preparatory programs and a member of the Professional Conduct Committee. She is active in her community, as Vice Chair of Meals on Wheels Sudbury and a member of the Women’s Executive Network (WXN) Diversity Council. She plans to leverage her understanding of the educational and regulatory processes at CPA Ontario, her experience in servicing small- and medium-sized enterprises, and the insights she has within the inclusion and diversity space to add value to the Council.

Disclaimer: This material was prepared by the Council Candidate for purposes of the 2021 Council Election and will be made available online until the close of voting.