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Syed Ali

Syed Wajahat Ali picture

Syed Ali

Finance Director, WPS Canada Inc.

“Being a leader means elevating others around you, this is what truly makes a difference. If given the chance I would utilize every ounce of my abilities to elevate the profession and its members and the opportunities for its candidates.”

Short Bio

Having immigrated to Canada nearly twenty (20) years ago as a teenager, I am proud and feel very blessed to call myself Canadian, and absorbed values that have made me the person I am today. Therefore, I am always keen to look for opportunities to contribute to the various professional and not-for-profit organisations.

I have always believed in the impossible and knowing that limits are only those that we place upon ourselves. Limits can be transcended if the mind and the heart are in sync and willing to do so through sheer hard work and will power. As an example, in 2005 up until 2014 I have endured many difficult and physical medical conditions and at times have been bedridden. The conditions forced me to drop my CGA program for the next 7 years. However, through will power and hard work I was able to come back into the program and complete my designation concurrently with my MBA. I now also practice martial arts (TaeKwonDo) with the intention to compete in the Canadian Nationals next year.

Disclaimer: This material was prepared by the Council Candidate for purposes of the 2018-2019 Council Election and will be made available online until the close of voting.