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Jean is currently Vice-Chair of CPA Ontario. He is a Board Director, Advisor, and leader, leveraging deep C-suite and Board experience — in Change and Transformational Leadership, Risk Management, Innovation, Platforms, Technology, Operations, Finance and Data & Analytics with an emphasis on managing for tomorrow. He sits on the Boards of CAA Club Group, CAA Insurance, and Echelon Insurance and chairs the Internal Audit Committee of the Province of Ontario (IT Sector). He has held senior executive roles in large multinational financial institutions (including TD Bank, BMO Bank of Montreal and Union Bank of Switzerland), exchanges (TMX, Trayport) and financial market infrastructures (CDS). He leads change by building, fixing and growing future-focused businesses and organizations. He is a current and past Board Member for regulated financial companies, government agencies, industry associations, universities and not-for-profit organizations and is an Advisor to several start-ups, and CEO of Canada Stablecorp.

Disclaimer: This material was prepared by the Council Candidate for purposes of the 2020-2021 Council Election and will be made available online until the close of voting.