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Iliana Oris Valiente is a Managing Director at Accenture Canada, where she is the Canada Innovation Lead. Iliana works with senior executives, including corporate Boards, to support their strategic transformations, bringing together specialists in design, data science, and emerging technologies, along with diverse industry experts to inspire change and bring actionable insights forward towards pilots and scale.

Iliana is heavily involved with the broader technology and innovation community in Canada, and she’s particularly well known as a trailblazer in the blockchain domain, having been involved in the industry since the early days. Iliana was previously the Accenture Global Blockchain Innovation lead and continues to run the Canadian business today.

Iliana is a proud CPA, CA with experience working in tax, audit, and valuations. She has written and spoken at conferences about emerging technologies and their impact on CPAs and is an advocate of the profession’s continued evolution.

Disclaimer: This material was prepared by the Council Candidate for purposes of the 2021 Council Election and will be made available online until the close of voting.