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Fees Mediation

Fees Mediation

Frequently Asked Questions

Fees Mediation: FAQs

  • Who can use fees mediation and how much does it cost?

    Clients and CPAs can use the service. Volunteer CPAs review the disputes. The mediation service is free. The service is not intended to cover complex fee disputes with a significant amount of fees at stake.

  • What happens at the mediation stage?

    A volunteer CPA reviews the dispute with each party and attempts to find an acceptable solution.
  • If mediation is not successful, what happens?

    If the mediation is unsuccessful, arbitration can be requested. Both parties must agree to participate in the arbitration process.

  • What happens at the arbitration stage?

    Both parties attend a meeting with an independent arbitrator, who reviews the mediator's report and submissions. The arbitrator recommends a settlement amount.
  • What is the cost of arbitration?

    The cost of the service is $250 per party, per half-day of the arbitrator's time.
  • Why is the arbitration stage non-binding?

    CPA Ontario does not have the statutory authority to bind either party to an arbitrated settlement. This does not preclude the parties from agreeing to be bound by the arbitration process.

  • Who else can appear before the arbitrator?

    The process does not allow for legal counsel. With arbitrator approval, other representatives can participate (e.g., an organization's bookkeeper).
  • What happens after the arbitration meeting?

    Each party is advised by letter of the recommended settlement amount and rationale.
  • How do I access fees mediation?

    Contact Practice Advisory at to request authorization letters. Once signed by both parties and returned, a mediator will contact you.