*Jennifer Roedding*

President, Roedding Associates Management Consultants, Inc.

"I have assisted organizations to successfully transform in alignment with their strategies for over 20 years – much of it driven by change. My experience with governance, ESG, risk management, technology-enabled growth, and my three years on CPA Ontario Council will enable me to help CPA Ontario to capitalize on current opportunities."

Short Bio

I have served on CPA Ontario Council since 2019 and am running for reelection to serve my second term. For over 20 years, I have helped organizations transform in response to change and disruption in ways that align with their business strategies. I am a former Management Consulting Partner with a global firm (National Lead for Telecommunications and Technology) and founded my own consulting company in 2015. As the Executive in Residence for Sustainability Integration at University of Waterloo and Chair of the Risk Management Committee of a multi-billion-dollar corporation, I have experience championing the importance of ESG strategies and leveraging AI and machine learning for growth. We are undergoing significant change – with the rise of ESG and emerging technologies – which drives change in our profession and in business. My experience with ESG, change, and my three years on CPAO Council will enable me to help CPAO capitalize on opportunities.

Jennifer Roedding's Detailed Bio

Voluntary work with CPA Ontario or other professional bodies:

CPA Ontario Council member, Governance & Nominating Committee member, past Finance & Audit Committee member, 2019 to present.

Career achievements:

Founded Roedding Associates in 2015, a management consulting company delivering business strategy, transformation, ESG and coaching expertise.

Former Partner, KPMG Management Consulting (joined KPMG audit in 1990; transferred to KPMG management consulting in 1999; left firm in 2015)

Alimentiv (board member, May 2018 to present): Alimentiv is an international biotechnology and contract research organization with offices in Ontario, California and Amsterdam:

  • Chair, Board of Directors
  • Executive Committee Member
  • People, Culture & Governance Committee Member
  • Past Finance and Audit Committee Chair

Ontario Lottery & Gaming Corporation (OLG) (current):

  • Board Member
  • Chair, Audit and Risk Management Committee
  • Transformation & Technology Committee Member

Canadian National Lead, Telecommunications, Media, and Technology (TMT) Consulting Practice

International TMT Partner Industry Group (member, KPMG)

As part of the five-member executive Management Consulting Leadership team, reported directly to KPMG National Consulting Partner and GTA Office Managing Partner; established monthly reports and budgets; responsible for generating growth plans, coordinating teams, monitoring growth in KPMG's largest national consulting clients, and identifying new needed services.

Other professional accomplishments:

Directors' Education Program, University of Toronto⁠ — Rotman School of Management

ICD.D ⁠— Institute of Corporate Directors

CCB.D (Climate Designation) ⁠— Competent Boards

GCB.D Candidate Sep 2022 (ESG Designation) ⁠— Competent Boards

Certified in Lean Fundamentals, Cardiff University

Speaker, Disrupt: Presented on how to better leverage, involve and empower people to enhance organizational performance

Speaker, Digital Convergence Executive Series: Presented on Business and Financial Models for Digital Ventures to industry leaders from the technology and telecommunications sector

Lead, KPMG Management Consulting group; Southwestern Ontario

UFE Coordinator, KPMG SWO

Other voluntary service and recognition:

I served as a treasurer for Peterborough Theatre Guild, from 2018 to 2021. My creative inspirations are driven from my life-long involvement in the performing arts, specifically vocal performance and opera, where I have contributed to ensuring the arts thrive in amateur to professional settings. I have also been known to perform opera and other song repertoire at occasional business functions as a way to share the arts in my professional environments.

Other voluntary service and recognition

Led joint Board Governance Strategy and training day for senior leaders and board members on governance and risk management in the organizations.

Past Member, Board of Directors, London Health Sciences Centre: This $1B quaternary hospital is one of Canada's largest acute-care teaching hospitals.

Past Member, Quality and Performance Monitoring Committee, London Health Sciences Centre: Mandate focused on assisting the board in four main areas: quality and patient safety, organizational performance, performance monitoring, and risk management

Past Vice-Chair; Past Chair, Finance Committee, London Regional Children's MuseL1m

Candidate Statement

Why are you interested in joining Council?

I have been on Council for three years, and I believe I will continue to add value as a member of Council because of my unique skill set and experience. I am excited for the future of the CPA profession and believe we have the opportunity to further develop and leverage our members' education and experience in the current spaces of technology, data, and sustainability. I have provided management consulting services to clients in many industries for over 20 years, assisting them to develop strategies to optimize and transform. I am a designated Corporate Director (ICD.D), I have obtained my CCB.D (Climate) designation, and I am a Candidate for the GCB.D (Global Competent Boards ESG designation, Sept. 2022). I have extensive governance experience on many boards of directors: in addition to CPA Ontario, I currently serve on a large provincial Crown Corporation Board of Directors and Chair its Audit & Risk Management Committee. I am currently Chair of a private company board and am on CPA Ontario's Governance and Nominating Committee.

How do your experiences align with the following skills, attributes and experiences that have been prioritized for incoming members of Council? Please share two to three examples.

  • Board and Governance Experience
  • Business Acumen
  • Emerging Technology
  • Risk Management
  • Future of the Profession / Learning
  • ESG / DE&I

I believe my experience aligns well with Council's priorities. I would self-assess myself quite high in many of the categories.

Board and Governance Experience: I have extensive governance experience on many boards. In addition to CPA Ontario, I currently serve on a provincial Crown Corporation Board of Directors (with net profit to the province > $1B) and Chair its Audit & Risk Management committee. I am also currently Chair of a private company board and serve on its People, Culture and Governance Committee. I am an ICD.D and have served on boards of directors for over 25 years.

ESG/DE&I: l have completed my CCB.D designation (Climate) and am a GCB.D candidate (estimated completion in September 2022). These designations are awarded through Competent Boards and its participants are educated with a global community of professionals regarding current and important real-life cases and issues in ESG. Two of the boards I am on are currently in the process of developing strategies for ESG and DEI.

Future of the Profession: I am very passionate about the future of the profession and believe we are at a pivotal time to further develop the skill sets of members and students in the current areas of sustainability, technology, and data/data analytics. I believe my current designations/education and understanding of the ESG and climate space can help drive this.

Business Acumen: This skill set is at the core of the consulting services I provide and the boards of directors I serve, as well as running my own company. I use this skill daily, consulting across industries, and I am exposed to many business situations: transformations, acquisitions, start-ups, etc.

Risk Management: I currently chair the Audit and Risk Management Committee for OLG. This organization manages multiple risks, including anti-money laundering, cybersecurity, privacy, and responsible gaming. I have consulting experience with enterprise risk management and establishing controls frameworks.

What is the greatest opportunity and challenge facing the accounting profession and CPA Ontario?

I believe the greatest opportunity and challenge facing the profession is attracting new membership and pivoting with the new learning map to adapt the profession to the emerging issues in the world: use and management of data, sustainability, and technology. In addition to adapting the curriculum to emerging needs, assisting existing members with expanding their skills in emerging areas is a related opportunity and challenge for the profession.