Adam Aguzzi

Head of Global Customer Goods Industry Solutions

"The future of technology and business expands beyond the borders of Ontario. I have built a practice delivering value for Global corporations, setting trends for technology to drive impact in ESG, process efficiency, manufacturing, mining, and aviation. By engaging executive decision-makers, I demonstrate the impact of CPAs on business strategy."

Short Bio

I drive Global leaders to make better strategic decisions that have real business value. Building on a foundation of hands-on, boots-on-the-ground industry expertise, I translate technology to a GTM strategy that actually makes sense to invest in. I have built a reputation as a thought leader that understands the future of work, sustainability, and value, building a strategy for growth and efficiency. This kind of impact has only been achieved by having a unique, candid voice in a space that is often drowned out by overly technical, corporate jargon.

On Council, I will be part of connecting knowledge and technology to the Global CPA vision.

Adam Aguzzi's Detailed Bio

Voluntary work with CPA Ontario or other professional bodies:

I am the Treasurer for the Toronto South CPA Ontario Association.

I have volunteered as a Board Report Presentation Panellist for the CPA Ontario.

I am a Council Member for the Manufacturing Leadership Council.

I am a member of the Value Advisory Leadership Ecosystem.

Career achievements:

I help leaders transform their operations and strategies to make better decisions that drive business value. Building on a foundation of industry expertise, I focus on go-to-market strategy and digital transformation using best of breed solutions in logistics, public sector, maintenance, aviation, manufacturing, and mining.

At ServiceNow I am the Head of Global Customer Goods Industry Solutions, driving thought leadership and sales for our global F500 accounts, including in digital transformation, supplier management, ESG, Risk, and emerging technologies such as AI, Operational Technology, and digital workflows.

At Ceridian, I led the global manufacturing industry and value advisory practice, combining value selling with industry thought leadership to build the manufacturing brand. I represented Ceridian with global associations and media.

Previously, I scaled the value advisory practice at Infor, having transitioned after 12 years of international management consulting.

As part of maintaining a growth mindset, I’m an avid pilot and have honed my improv skills at the legendary Second City. I hold a CPA, CMA, and an MBA from the University of Toronto.

I have also obtained certifications:

CSCP: Certified Supply Chain Professional (2013) – APICS

PMP: Project Management Professional (2011) – Project Management Institute

CPIM: Certification in Production and Inventory Management (2006) – APICS

Other professional accomplishments:

I established and led the Ceridian Institute, a corporate think tank, and produce thought leadership for industry publications focusing on the leading trends in human capital management. Through articles, speaking engagements at keynote events, industry conferences and webinars, I have been able to build a reputation as a thought leader that understands the future of work, learning, and technology, while connecting it to the value that employers and employees alike can gain. This kind of impact has only been achieved by having a unique, candid voice in a space that is often drowned out by overly technical, corporate jargon.

Other voluntary service and recognition:

Won the 2021 Manufacturing Leadership Awards – Manufacturing Leadership Award – Ceridian
I was awarded the “You Speak, We Listen” award, which is conferred on the student who best embodies the ideal of the Executive MBA that students learn as much from each other as they do from the faculty, bringing the real world to the classroom, stretching the faculty to make topics relevant and helping fellow students link theory with application.
I am a regular blood donor and have made over 28 donations.

Candidate Statement

Why are you interested in joining Council?

I want to increase the positive impact we have on society by promoting how we can be critical in a changing profession, moving beyond auditing and traditional accounting.

I believe that the CPA’s greatest value is the knowledge and strategic direction we provide. Knowledge is a journey that requires a path, motivation, and opportunity to acquire. The desire to improve, adapt, communicate, and cultivate knowledge is the foundation to our success as an organization.

By building and communicating our collective knowledge, we can drive value for society. This moves beyond numbers, regulations, and codes; it’s a pursuit of improving ourselves and the society around us.

As part of Council, I can contribute to building on the foundation of excellence that CPA has set, adding my own knowledge, and creating paths for others to excel.

How do your experiences align with the following skills, attributes and experiences that have been prioritized for incoming members of Council? Please share two to three examples.

  • Board and Governance Experience
  • Business Acumen
  • Emerging Technology
  • Risk Management
  • Future of the Profession / Learning
  • ESG / DE&I

I have built a diverse skill set that aligns perfectly with the Council’s priorities.

I am the Treasurer of the Toronto South CPA Ontario Association, I am a council member with the Manufacturing Leadership Council, and I sit as VP on an Ontario provincial riding board.

I personally lead the ESG and related risk solutions for all manufacturing at ServiceNow, including educating customers, developing solutions, and leading thought leadership of how ESG is critical for the future of manufacturing. One of our key solutions is Supplier Risk Management, including assessments and verification, of supplier compliance with the ESG laws and regulations, while also respecting the spirit of ESG. This has become especially critical as part of the German due diligence law that takes effect in 2023, which will hold manufacturers responsible for the ESG infractions of their tier 1 suppliers.

In addition to ESG risk, I have led our focus on Operational Technology security and service, which is now the key cybersecurity focus for manufacturers, as well as energy and utilities. This risk has now exposed manufacturing as the #1 targeted industry for cyberattacks, especially for critical food processing. A vulnerability and security approach needs to take into account the emerging technology, as well as ROI and industrial specific concepts.

Between my positions at Infor, Ceridian, and ServiceNow, I guide Fortune 500 companies to identify the value and path to embracing digital transformation and emerging technology. This transformation requires an acute understanding of both industry and socio-economic trends to create a clear, concise vision that aligns specifically to values and goals. Without the ability to communicate vision, clients will not see the need to adapt to the fundamental changes happening in society and how their employees learn, work and thrive. Whether it is the need for global compliance in payroll, human resources, and workforce management, or the need to streamline the workflows of the employee journey, I build and communicate a story that shapes the future operations of these companies. I also won the 2021 Manufacturing Leadership Awards – Manufacturing Leadership Award – Ceridian, as part of my emerging technology work.

Outside the boardroom, I thrive by driving positive change with a growth-focused mindset. I overcame severe dyslexia as a child, unable to learn French while attending school in Quebec, to find my path in life, work, and study.

What is the greatest opportunity and challenge facing the accounting profession and CPA Ontario?

We have a challenge to make the public aware of the true value that we can bring to companies and society. Beyond our membership, the populace perceives us as number crunchers. There have been marketing campaigns to build this awareness, and while I feel they have had an impact, there is much to be done.

We are strategic advisors, hands-on tacticians, and stewards of change and discipline. These are positions that carry a lot of responsibility, and without awareness they are not easily valued. To improve our impact, we need to actively emphasize the significance of the role we can play in driving positive change for everyone, whether our customers or society. The CPA designation has the reputation and social capital to drive real change. ​