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How to Become a Facilitator

How to Become a Facilitator

How to Become a CPA PEP Facilitator

As trusted participants in a student's journey, facilitators use their experience and knowledge to review and provide feedback on student module assignments. They are expected to respond to students' questions in a timely manner. Anyone who holds a CPA designation or any legacy designation, holds an undergraduate degree and is interested in accounting education is invited to apply to the facilitator training program, which includes a one-day, in-person training session and several online training activities.

Participants in the facilitator training program will not receive payment for participating in, or travelling to, the training

Facilitator Training Program

One-day training sessions for facilitator applicants are as follows:

Applicants who successfully complete the one-day training session will be invited to participate in the online portion of facilitator training. On successful completion of both training components, applicants will be invited to facilitate the CPA PEP modules. Prior to the session start, all facilitators are expected to attend a one-to-two hour webinar.

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