How to Start Networking in High School

Sometimes the best way to figure out your path is to talk to others who've walked it. This is why flexing your networking skills while you're in high school is a good idea.

Networking is about building relationships to expand your circle, and it can lead to job opportunities in your desired field.

Now's a good time to start. Networking will help you get a head start on securing letters of recommendation, provide career guidance, and help you form the right relationships with people who are invested in you.


Practice starting conversations

Start by saying hello. It’s really that easy. Genuine curiosity is charming. Asking thoughtful questions will set you apart. The more you do this, the easier it will become.


Find a cause and find your people

Find a cause or organization you’re passionate about and get involved. In that environment you’re bound to make the right connections and build relationships to build your personal and professional development.


Follow up

Once you make a connection, nurture it. If you’ve exchanged contact information, send along a thoughtful message that describes something the other person said that resonated with you. Don’t be afraid to show your appreciation.