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Why Enrol

Get the job-ready skills employers value within the accounting and finance functions of their businesses

Enhance Your Career

Ready to take the next step in your career? Whether you’re a new college graduate, working in an accounting function without a recognized credential or an internationally trained professional wanting to work in Canada, the Advanced Certificate in Accounting and Finance (ACAF) provides the applied technical accounting and finance skills necessary to enhance your career prospects in business and finance.

The Certificate Can Prepare You for the Following Positions and More:

  • Assurance Technician
  • Small Business Accountant
  • Tax Return Specialist
  • Audit Associate
  • Budget Analysis Consultant

Important Changes

As of September 2017, the full suite of the Advanced Certificate in Accounting and Finance courses will be offered through approved post-secondary institutions (PSIs). New enrollees completing the program through PSIs will need to pass the ACAF National Examination administered by CPA Ontario to earn their certificate. For more information, please visit New Applicants.

Post-secondary institutions across Ontario offer courses toward the Advanced Certificate in Accounting and Finance.

Resources and Benefits

The CPA profession offers resources and benefits to Advanced Certificate holders.

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