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FAQs - Fees and Deadlines

Answers to your questions about paying your fees

  • When do I qualify for a retirement exemption?

    Members are exempt from the payment of annual membership dues if they are:

    • 55 or more years of age; and
    • have an annual income (excluding pension, or other retirement/investment income) that does not exceed $25,000; and
    • their age combined with the total number of years of continuous membership in good standing in CPA Ontario, CGA Ontario and CMA Ontario and one or more provincial bodies or an accounting body recognized by Council equals or exceeds the sum of 70.
  • I am currently living in another country and would like to pay by bank transfer. Is this option available?

    Yes, there is an extra $56.50 processing fee that will apply for this option.

    If you are paying with this option, please include your full name and CPA Ontario ID, and ensure you have sufficient funds to cover the full dues and the processing charge.

    Provide the bank with the following information:

    Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
    2 Bloor Street West
    Toronto, Ontario
    M8W 1B3

    Bank transit number 00502
    Bank account number 48-00419

  • Is there a special code for U.S. or worldwide bank transfers?

    The Swift Code for U.S. remittance is PNBPUS3NNYC ABA 026005092.

    The Swift Code for Worldwide remittances in any currency is CIBCCATT.

  • What if my membership gets suspended?

    Once a membership is suspended, payment of a reinstatement fee of $282.50 ($250 plus $32.50 HST), in addition to the applicable membership dues and late fees, if applicable, is required to return to good standing.

  • I hold membership in more than one provincial body or Bermuda. Where should I pay my dues?

    Members must remit the full provincial and CPA Canada dues to at least one provincial accounting body or Bermuda. If a member maintains membership in more than one province, they can remit reduced dues to the second provincial accounting body they pay.
  • I have moved and am working in another province. Can I use my designation there? How does this effect my annual membership dues?

    The use of designations is regulated provincially. Members seeking information about the use of designations outside of Ontario should refer to the appropriate governing body.

    If you maintain membership in more than one provincial accounting body, you must pay the full membership dues to the province in which you reside in addition to the reduced (affiliate) dues to the other provincial accounting bodies. If you do not wish to maintain membership in both bodies, you must resign from one. (See below for more details on resignation.)

  • I want to resign from membership. Do I still need to pay?

    You must complete the Membership Resignation Form 4-3A to resign from membership. Resignations completed from April 1 to June 30 are subject to pay 50 per cent of current membership dues. Resignations received after June 30 are subject to pay full membership dues. Members who resign must return their membership certificate together with the complete Membership Resignation Form 4-3A.