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Thank You to Our Volunteers


CPA Ontario mentors support nearly 10,000 students completing their CPA Ontario Practical Experience Requirements. Our dedicated mentors volunteer their time and knowledge to ensure the successful development of our future CPAs. Watch this video to learn more about how they are making an impact.

Student Recruitment Volunteers

The Board of Ambassadors (BoA) is comprised of top post-secondary students and acts as an advisory and advocacy group for the CPA profession in our student recruitment efforts. Member volunteers also play an active role at BoA events as speakers, judges and panel members. Learn how post-secondary volunteers are making an impact.

Tax Preparation Assistance (TPA) Program Volunteers

50 years of CPA volunteers providing tax preparation assistance

Every year for half a century, CPA Ontario members and students have made a positive contribution in communities across the province by helping individuals with low incomes file their taxes. Working in tandem with the 24 local CPA Associations and hundreds of social agencies, every year thousands of CPAs and CPA students help many thousands of Ontarians as volunteers in the Tax Preparation Assistance (TPA) program.

“CPA volunteers tell us they are gratified to use their skills and expertise to give something back by participating in the TPA program, which helps ensure people in need receive the tax rebates, credits and benefits to which they are entitled,” said Allison Patterson, Director, Member Experience at CPA Ontario who oversees the program. “According to Prosper Canada, as much as $354 million in income per year goes unclaimed.”

Kayla Levesque has participated in clinics since she was a student at Sudbury’s Cambrian College, where she currently is a Professor in the Business Administration – Accounting Program in the School of Business. The clinic was recognized with a Governor General’s Award for its work helping, among others, seniors, low-income students and immigrants.

On why she volunteers, Kayla said: “In a post-secondary setting, the professors are the role models for the students. I want students to graduate, feel part of the community and give back. I now have many graduates who continue to volunteer year after year because they enjoy it so much.” 

Bert Watts has been a TPA volunteer for three years and loves the opportunity to give back to his community in Thunder Bay. Recently, Bert joined a team of CPAs who took part in a pilot project aimed at helping residents in remote, under-serviced communities. They visited the Red Rock Indian Band in Nipigon to help residents prepare their taxes.“

The people were super polite and friendly; just happy to see us,” said Bert, who hopes to take part in future clinics for First Nations communities.“

In Ontario alone, there are 41 federal and provincial income benefit programs that, when accessed, have been shown to increase incomes by as much as 50 percent. CPA Ontario thanks and congratulates the CPA volunteers who for 50 years have ensured that the people who need that money most have a chance to get it by filing their taxes,” said Allison. “These special professionals are a credit to their communities and the profession.”

Association Volunteers

CPAs are leaders who impact and bring value to every sector of our province. Did you know that CPA Ontario has 24 local Associations across Ontario, run by a diverse group of volunteer CPAs who dedicate their time to making a difference and enriching lives in their local communities? Our Association volunteers are ambassadors of the profession who extend their hand in offering professional development and networking opportunities, as well as community work.

Alynn Boyle CPA, CGA and Bernie Keim, FCPA, FCGA, MBA are just a few of our many hardworking Association volunteers.

“The social impact that volunteering has within the community is not the only thing that inspires me to get involved. Volunteering has helped to shape my career path as well as my personal and professional growth.  It gives me a sense of purpose, and provides opportunities to get involved with issues and projects I feel strongly about. Volunteering with your local association, in any capacity, provides you with an opportunity to play a role in determining the priorities of your local membership. It also opens the door to creating and leveraging those important social connections within your current career industry, or another area you might be interested in transitioning to. 

With over 400 CPAs in our region, we rely on our consistent, dedicated volunteer base that is growing each year. Thank you to all of our association volunteers for giving our organization the most precious thing you will ever own – your time and talent.”

 - Alynn Boyle CPA, CGA | President, Kingston CPA Ontario Association

 A paradox in modern society is a world more connected than ever with less direct human interaction than ever. Volunteering provides the opportunity for human interaction that is missing in our connected world. I volunteer to meet new people and to provide expertise to organizations that don’t otherwise have access to the skillset of a CPA. Volunteering provides an opportunity for me to give something back to my community. I believe that volunteering is essential for healthy, thriving communities.”

Bernie Keim, FCPA, FCGA, MBA and member of the London CPA Ontario Association

Thank you to all of our dedicated and hardworking Association volunteers! Because of you, the CPA brand and designation meets the highest standards of integrity and expertise.

Professional Development Volunteers

The accounting world is continually evolving. In order to bring relevant and valuable information to our members, we garner the expertise and insights of our volunteer CPA speakers and event supporters at many of our conferences throughout the year. This sharing of knowledge and experience helps the new generation of CPAs and seasoned professionals alike to develop the skills they need to succeed.

A recent volunteer speaker at CPA Ontario’s Public Sector Conference, Khatera Akbari, CPA, CA, Senior Policy Analyst, Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat, is one of the many members who devotes their time to the profession and brings their expertise to the stage.

“The CPA profession presents a plethora of opportunities and provides members the flexibility to gain as much, or as little, as they desire to achieve their individual career goals. I have benefited greatly from this profession and enjoy sharing my time with others, as the greatest beneficiaries of volunteering are the volunteers themselves and not the recipients.”

Khatera Akbari, CPA, CA

Volunteering is both a chance to do good work and an excellent opportunity to network with your fellow members. “Our volunteers welcome guests at registration, answer questions from attendees and, most importantly, they give their time to take the stage and share their considerable knowledge and experience with fellow members”, notes Andrea Humber, CPA, CA, Director of Professional Development, CPA Ontario.

Thank you to each of our past, present and future professional development volunteers. You bring a significant value to the future of the profession and we thank you for your contribution. We couldn’t do it without you!

Advisories and Committees

Professional Conduct Committee, Practice Inspection Committee & Public Accounting Licensing Board

Protecting the public interest is at the heart of CPA Ontario’s mandate. As the regulator of our profession, we set high standards for Ontario’s CPAs and support accounting professionals as they work to serve their clients and organizations with impeccable integrity. To ensure that the CPA designation remains synonymous with strong, credible financial and business leadership, we rely on the expertise of the noble volunteers who sit on our Professional Conduct Committee, Practice Inspection Committee and Public Accounting Licensing Board. Maintaining the integrity of the profession, these respected volunteers work to evolve our rules, standards and guidelines, so that they continue to serve as relevant and effective manifestations of CPAs’ long-standing commitment to ethical practice.

“Thank you to all of our volunteers who are essential to maintaining the integrity of the profession and providing a valuable contribution to upholding the public’s trust in chartered professional accountancy. Because of your unwavering dedication and hard work, Canadian CPAs are recognized around the world for their professional standards, skills and expertise.”

– Kelly Gorman, CPA, CA, Executive Vice-President, Regulatory and Standards, CPA Ontario.

Accreditation Review Committee

The Accreditation Review Committee reviews, in detail, the accreditation submissions from each post-secondary institution (PSI), conducts site visits, and provides recommendations on whether PSIs should receive accreditation status. The committee also conducts periodic audits of the accredited PSIs to help ensure quality control and compliance with standards.

“We cannot thank our accreditation review committee members enough for the hours of dedication they provide towards accrediting PSIs in Ontario. Our Accreditation Review Committee members have such a passion for education, and are committed to ensuring that our students receive the highest standards of education as they work through the CPA PEP. Through the accreditation process, our committee members help provide options for our students to complete their CPA designations, opening the door for various pathways, all the while ensuring that accreditation standards continue to be met. Our accreditation review committee members play an integral role in the education of our CPA students.

-Jacqui Mulligan, Director, Education, CPA Ontario

Capstone 1 panel members

The oral Board Report is the final assessment in the Capstone 1 module in the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP), and is a crucial step for students as they work towards their CPA designations. Students must prepare a report on an integrated case based on a fictitious company and present their findings to a panel of volunteer CPAs. Panel members then evaluate the presentation skills and teamwork of the candidates.

“Our panel members are an integral part of our students’ journeys towards their CPA designation. Without them, the oral Board Reports would not be possible. Our panel members help shape our students into professionals, not only by asking critical questions - forcing our students to be nimble and think on their feet - but also by providing constructive feedback in real time, giving our students tools to use as they progress in their studies and in their careers. We cannot thank our panel members enough for volunteering for this critical role in our students’ educational journey.”

-Jacqui Mulligan, Director, Education, CPA Ontario

Advisories and Other Committees

At the heart of CPA Ontario is the many volunteers who contribute their ideas, energy and time to promote the value of the designation and act as ambassadors for the profession. To our council, advisory and committee members, thank you for your good work and willingness to give back. No one has enough time these days, yet you find time to contribute and for that, we offer our sincere appreciation and thanks.