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Congratulations to the following members named by Council as Life Members, effective March 31, 2019.  Life Membership is granted to members who have attained 70 years of age and completed 40 years of service, in good standing, as a member of CPA Ontario.  New Life Members receive a certificate in recognition of their commitment to the accounting profession.  Once again, we congratulate them on this achievement.

Harold Abbotts
Stephen Abraham
Phil Adams
Siroun Aghajanian
David Alexander
Hamidul Ameen
William Anderson
Russell Anderson
David Andrews
Fred Archer
Evelyn Archibald
Don Ariss
Jeff Arnold
John Asquith
Anja Atchison
Michael Atkins
Edward Atkinson
Anthony Atkinson
Francis Au-Yeung
Larry Babins
Howard Back
Doug Badger
Michael Baer
Roland Bahadoor
Porter Bailey
John Bailey
Ronald Baker
Roy Baldwin
Donald Ball
Amin Bandali
Krysia Bates
John Bathurst
Gordon Beattie
Michael Beaupre
Thomas Beckett
Daniel Beeching
Gerald Beeharrilall
Brian Belanger
Rainer Beltzner
Barry Berenstein
Karen Ann Beres
Roy Berman
Murray Best
Joe Bettencourt
Jack Bick
Sharon Biro
Jean-Pierre Boisclair
Len Bolton
Jack Bolzan
Donald Borts
Peter Bowie
Gerald Bowler
Richard Boxer
Dennis Brabant
Robert Bradbury
David Bragg
Alf Brandl
Fred Brass
Axel Breuer
Ken Brocklehurst
Bruce Brooks
Kenneth Brown
Wayne Brown
Louise Brule-Sirois
John Buch
Carl Buckner
Marie Bujold
Brian Bureyko
Guy Burgess
John Burgess
Arsenio Burgos
David Burkes
Andrew Burnett
Don Burney
Robert Burns
Peter Buset
Robert Bushnell
Eric Butler
Michael Byrnes
Dom Calixterio
Glen Camelford
Mary Campbell
Douglas Campbell
Duncan Campbell
George Caners
Frank Cannataro
Ron Carlin
David Carr
John Carr
Dale Carscadden
Bruce Carter
Roy Carter
Bill Carter
Sandra Cartwright
Ronald Chan
Tony Chan
Simon Chang
John Charles
Stephen Check
Timothy Cheng
Paul Cheng
Edward Cheung
John Chick
Amelia Chik
Peter Ching
Harold Chmara
Yew Chong
Philip Chow
Dan Chui
Grant Clack
Douglas Clancy
Brian Clarence
Marcel Claude
Steve Clendenan
Graham Clow
Bill Clunie
Paul Cobb
Eleanor Codner
Henry Coke
Al Collette
Denis Collister
David Colodny
Carol Comissiong
Greg Cook
Catherine Cook
Larry Cook
Stephen Cooper
David Cornies
Terry Corrigan
Janet Cosier
Paul Cotter
Terry Coursolle
Henry Cousens
Ian Cowan
Bill Cowan
Robert Crawford
Thomas Crawford
Patrick Croome
Elmer Csaszar
Joan Cullemore
Steven Currie
Richard Currie
Hugh Currie
Robert Cuthbertson
Charles Cutts