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Share your knowledge and expertise, and help develop a future CPA.

Mentor a Future CPA

As a member of CPA Ontario, you have the opportunity to provide guidance to future CPAs. This sharing of knowledge and experience helps the new generation of accounting professionals develop the skills they need to succeed.

All students in the CPA program are required to have a CPA mentor before they can begin their qualifying practical experience term.

A mentor helps a CPA Ontario student develop essential communication, decision-making and problem-solving skills, and sets a standard for teamwork, leadership and ethical behaviour.

By volunteering and giving back to the profession, a CPA Ontario mentor will provide future CPAs with support and insight that can broaden their mindsets and the opportunity to enhance their personal growth and professional development, while receiving access to free CPD-eligible resources and tools.

Follow These Steps to Become a Mentor Today:

Join the CPA Mentor Match Portal, by selecting “any suitable match” as your mentee preference and you can accept a mentor request from a student outside a pre-approved program.

Potential mentors who do not have a CPA designation in Canada are required to register to become a CPA member before they can apply to become a CPA Ontario mentor. Learn more about becoming a CPA in Ontario.