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Thank you for deciding to mentor a CPA student through their practical experience journey. With your guidance, your mentee will develop and build their enabling competencies throughout the course of their required work term.


  1. Pre-approved program: Your mentee will be employed in this program and will be assigned to you by the Program Manager or Program Leader. Experience verification route: Interested students will need to approach you directly to ask you to become their mentor.
  2. To assist students in finding you, or to help more students, consider joining the Mentor Match Portal, located within the Practical Experience Reporting Tool (PERT).
  3. Provide the student you would like to mentor with the email address you used to apply to become a mentor and exchange any other contact information. Once the student adds your email address to their PERT profile, your mentorship relationship begins.


Looking for more information about the mentoring process? Click on the resources below to learn more.