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CPA Ontario Members Testimonials

Meet Our Members

Get to Know Your Fellow CPAs

Our members possess the skills, knowledge, and business acumen to contribute and succeed in any industry, at any level, within any organization.  You are leaders, you are lifelong learners, you are professionals and you are mentors.  Get to know your fellow CPAs.  Learn about the type of work they do, the industry they are in and why they are proud to be a CPA.

Meet Jordan Hill, CPA, CA

My Journey

Jordan Hill, CPA, CA, Director, Global Leadership Academy

Meet Doug Allison, CPA, CA

Turning data into useful information in the entertainment industry

Doug Allison, CPA, CA, Toronto International Film Festival

Meet Lisa Thompson, CPA, CA

Working for a start-up in the tech industry

Lisa Thompson, CPA, CA, Finance Director, Flipp

Let Us Get to Know You

Share with us the work you do, the industry you are in and why you are proud to be a CPA.

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