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Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Confidential guidance to help you maintain quality professional standards

Thoughtful Consultation from Professionals

CPA Ontario Advisors can help all members interpret the By-law, the CPA Code of Professional Conduct and the regulations contained in the CPA Ontario Member's Handbook, technical standards contained in CPA Canada's accounting and assurance handbooks, as well as provide guidance regarding various practice management issues for members in firms.

Advisory Services

The overall objective of CPA Ontario's Advisory Services is to encourage and assist CPA Ontario members, on a voluntary basis, to maintain quality professional standards. This service is available to help all members, regardless of the activity they are involved in (such as: industry, public practice, or retirement). Students can also contact CPA Ontario regarding ethical matters.


The scope of matters that advisors can assist you with covers:

  • The CPA Code of Professional Conduct, the By-law and the regulations (CPA Ontario's Member's Handbook)
  • CPA Canada Handbook (Accounting and Assurance)
  • Various practice management issues or related concerns (for members currently in public practice or contemplating providing services to the public)

In summary, CPA Ontario's Advisory Services consists of:

  • Free, short-duration, telephone consultations, to provide members with a source of objective and thoughtful feedback on matters encountered at work or in practice.
  • Discussions that may include accounting, assurance and reporting issues, practice management problems or other related concerns.
  • Member and practice advisors helping practitioners identify issues and potential solutions. Feedback is general in nature as the advisor may not have all the necessary information.

Advice on Complex Matters

For complex matters that advisors are unable to help with or if you would like a formal opinion, you can obtain a formal, written opinion on technical standards related matters from another member (e.g., your firm's quality control monitor), or another firm.


Please note the assistance provided is not an opinion and is not binding on CPA Ontario.

By accessing this service, you accept responsibility for conducting your own due diligence and making your own decisions after exercising professional judgment, and you agree to release and indemnify CPA Ontario and practice advisors for any claim to damages that could result based on your discussion.

Advisory Services is not permitted to comment on any legal matters.


To access Advisory Services, call 416 962.1841 x4456 or 1 800 387.0735 x4456 or email Advisory Services at