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Students discussing at Chartered for Finance 2020

Post-secondary students attending Chartered for Finance 2020

Heran Jung speaking at Chartered for Finance 2020

How do you break into a career in finance? How does the CPA designation set you apart? At CFF, we answered these questions with the insights shared throughout the day. Didn’t make it to this year’s event? No problem – we’ve summed up the top takeaways for you:

1 – Embrace Change

As our keynote speaker, Heran Jung, put it, “Change is inevitable. Expect it and be prepared.” In today’s global economy, change is happening at such a rapid pace that it can be hard to adapt. Heran’s advice? Lean in to the discomfort and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Call upon the expertise of others when you need to and try not to get stuck in fearing what you can’t control.

2 – Listen carefully

What’s the secret to thinking on your feet? Being prepared and listening carefully. John Asher, CPA, CA, MBA, ICD.D, led a consulting workshop at CFF and credits his success to learning to be a good listener. Often, people already have some idea of the solution to a problem, only they don’t know it. CPAs are often called upon to solve complex issues, and rarely does problem solving have a single, tidy resolution. Keep things in perspective. Focus on building resiliency and on fostering good relationships. This will serve you well in the long term in both your career and personal development.

3 – There are limitless CPA career paths

When it comes to what you can do with CPA designation, the sky’s the limit. Take some of our Emerging Leaders, for example. From working in national defense to data storytelling, today’s CPA leaders are breaking the mold, one spreadsheet at a time.

Missed this year’s CFF? No problem – learn more about what CPAs do, and keep an eye out for upcoming events near you.