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51 Credit-Hour Path

51 Credit-Hour Path

A path with the opportunity to challenge portions of the CPA PEP

Enrolment for the 51-credit hour path is now closed. The key dates below are for those already pursuing this path.

Exam Deadlines for Final 51 Credit-Hour Cohort

To follow the 51 credit-hour path, you must meet the below exam deadlines:

Have questions regarding your path? Please contact Customer Service.

Academic Prerequisites

To qualify for entrance into the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP) through the 51 credit-hour path, applicants require a 120 credit-hour degree (or equivalent), and the completion of the 51 credit-hour courses through a recognized degree-granting institution.

Component/Course Number of Credit-Hours
Introductory Financial Accounting 3
Intermediate Financial Accounting 1 3
Intermediate Financial Accounting 2 3
Advanced Financial Accounting 3
Financial Accounting Theory 3
Advanced Accounting Elective (Capstone, Management Controls, F/S Analysis) 3
Management/Cost Accounting (Introductory) 3
Management/Cost Accounting (Intermediate/Advanced) 3
Auditing 3
Advanced Auditing


EDP Auditing 3
Taxation (Personal) 3
Taxation (Corporate) 3
Business Information Systems 3
Corporate Finance/Financial Management 3
Economics (Micro & Macro) 3
Canadian Business Law 3

Grade and GPA Requirements

  • An overall grade point average (GPA) of “B-” (70%) or greater in the courses comprising the 51 credit-hours must be achieved, with a passing grade in each course as determined by the degree-granting institution. The GPA is calculated using a weighted average based on the credit-hours associated to each component/course.
  • Transfer credits granted based on the completion of a diploma course(s) by a recognized degree-awarding post-secondary institution are subject to specific recognition criteria pursuant to Regulation 6-4 s.20.4, among which, the conferral of a two-year or a three-year diploma is required.

Missing Some Courses for the 51 Credit-Hour Path?

Select post-secondary institutions may no longer offer all of the courses required for the 51 credit-hour path. Students who are missing a required course or courses are advised to confirm with the post-secondary institution as to whether they are offered. In the event that the course or courses are no longer offered, students are advised to submit a transcript assessment and upon receiving the results, request course advice.

CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP)

Students on the 51-Credit Hour Path may attend or challenge the CPA PEP Core and Elective Modules. They must also successfully complete the Capstone 1 and Capstone 2 modules.

If challenging exams, electives must be Tax and Assurance. Please note: Full attendance is required for Performance Management and Finance. Challenge exams are available until the Winter 2019 term.

Common Final Examination (CFE)

The CFE is the culmination of the CPA PEP and consists of a three-day examination. Students must demonstrate depth in either Financial Reporting or Management Accounting, and depth in one of the other technical competency areas (elective depth role). Students must also demonstrate breadth in all six technical competency areas. Refer to the CPA Competency Map for more information.

CPA Practical Experience Requirements (CPA PER)

To complete the 51-Credit Hour Path, students must also complete 30 months of relevant practical experience through a Pre-Approved Program (PPR) and/or the Experience Verification Route (EVR). If you are pursuing the CPA, CA designation, all experience must be completed through a Pre-Approved Program (PPR).