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ACCA and CGA Canada Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA)

ACCA and CGA Canada Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA)

The 2011 MRA between CGA Canada and ACCA not only brings together two international accounting associations with similar values and approaches, it reflects the continuing globalization of the profession. The agreement, a renewal of the 2006 MRA, provides a mechanism for members to become designated by the other association. It also formalizes the relationship between two internationally active professional accounting bodies.

The accounting profession is experiencing growth worldwide, reflecting the demand for accredited professional accountants who have expertise in international accounting standards. Both ACCA and CGA Canada believe that the profession is best served by partnerships which promote global standards, and enhance the value of accountants in the workplace and by qualifications which provide opportunity for talented people to develop skills required by employers.

The MRA is a natural progression of shared experience and common areas of interest. This agreement adds value for members of both associations, as they avail themselves of opportunities provided by a dual designation. In addition, it strengthens the international accounting profession by establishing a link between two associations with a mutual interest in trust, integrity and high professional standards.