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Complete a Self-Assessment

Step 1: Find Your Path to the CPA Designation

To begin the process of applying to become a student of CPA Ontario, find your program entry point below.


Educated in Ontario

If you are currently enrolled as a student at a post-secondary institution in Ontario, a graduate or mature student educated in Ontario, use the self-assessment tool to determine if you have any prerequisites outstanding for entry into the CPA certification program. Outstanding prerequisites can be completed through CPA preparatory courses or through a post-secondary institution.
Specific post-secondary institutions are accredited by CPA Ontario. Learn more about CPA-Accredited Programs.
Complete a Self-Assessment and proceed to Step 2
Educated Elsewhere in Canada

If you’re a post-secondary student or graduate from outside Ontario, or a student in the CPA program in another province and want to see if you have the required prerequisites, refer to prerequisites and look for your respective province/region.

If you are a student with another CPA provincial body and would like to transfer your student status to CPA Ontario, please contact your provincial body to initiate the transfer.

If you are a student with CPA Ontario and would like to transfer your student status to another provincial accounting body, please send your request in writing to

Review Your Prerequisites
Internationally Trained Accountant If you are an accountant and are a member of a professional accounting body outside Canada, you can become a CPA in Ontario. Learn More
Internationally Educated Professional If you're an internationally educated professional seeking to become a CPA in Ontario, you can complete a transcript assessment to verify your educational achievements. Proceed to Step 2
Co-op Student If you are an undergraduate student enrolled in a co-op program and would like your practical experience recognized during your co-op terms, you should register with CPA Ontario as a student. You do not need to submit a transcript assessment request at this time. Learn More

Next Steps

If you have no prerequisites outstanding, or wish to complete them through CPA preparatory courses, proceed to Step 2.

Step 2