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Discover future leaders and new talent, and find information about CPA that your organization can use

As a CPA employer, you demonstrate industry leadership and have an opportunity to nurture a new generation of groundbreaking talent. Maintain a connection to the community through events and don't miss out.

Invite a CPA Ontario Recruiter to Your Organization

Are there colleagues in your workplace who would benefit from learning more about the CPA designation? Do you work with individuals who you believe should aspire to become professional accountants? Then why not invite a CPA Ontario recruiter to your organization.

CPA Ontario's Student Recruitment Team delivers information sessions to workplaces about the benefits of a professional accounting designation. These sessions are a great way to spread the word about how CPAs are valuable assets to any organization and how the CPA designation enhances careers.

If you would like to schedule a session at your organization or learn more about these sessions, please email