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CGA Legacy Students

CGA Legacy Students

Information Specific to You

If you were enrolled in the CGA legacy program, maintained your active status with CPA Ontario, completed all of your legacy program education requirements and are working to complete your practical experience requirments in PERC, this information is for you.

CGA Legacy Requirements

Am I Legacy CGA Student?

You are considered a legacy CGA student if you:

  • registered prior to September 1, 2015 with CGA Ontario and have completed all of the educational components of the CGA program.
  • you are currently in the process of completing your practical experience requirements or are completing your 90 credit-hour degree requirement.
  • you have maintained your status as an active student by paying the CPA Ontario Annual Student Fee (ASF).

Once you have completed all the requirements by the deadlines indicated below, you may be eligible for the CPA, CGA dual designation. For more information, refer to Regulation 6-1.


  • You must complete a 90 credit-hour degree by June 30, 2020. Students who do not complete the degree requirement by this time will be deregistered.
  • You have completed the education requirements of the legacy CGA program.

Submitting Your Proof of Degree

To submit your proof of degree, have your official transcript(s) showing degree conferral mailed directly from your post-secondary institution in a sealed envelope to:

Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario
69 Bloor Street East
Toronto, ON M4W 1B3
Attention: Transcript Assessments & Registration

Practical Experience

  • If you are reporting your practical experience in PERC, you must complete it by September 1, 2018; otherwise you must transition to the CPA Practical Experience Requirements (CPA PER) and use the CPA Practical Experience Reporting Tool (PERT).
  • The legacy experience you report in PERC by September 18, 2018 will be recognized until June 30, 2020 provided all other CPA program requirements are met.
  • Students must complete the CPA PER using PERT by June 30, 2020, or be deregistered from the program.

For more more information about the deadlines, please refer to Regulation 6-1 Section 13.

Applying for Membership

If you have completed all the education and practical experience requirements within the deemed deadlines, you may apply for membership.

Meet Your Deadlines

Ensure you are familiar with the deadlines you must meet to successfully complete the program. Students who do not meet the deadlines will be deregistered from the program.

Consequences of Deregistration