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Post-Secondary Students

Post-Secondary Ambassador Program

Join the Post-Secondary Ambassador Program (PSAP) and take your first step in getting access to employment opportunities, networking your way to success and getting ahead of your competition. In order to join, you must be a post-secondary student at an Ontario university or college.

Membership Perks

  • The PSAP e-newsletter, featuring upcoming events and ways to get involved with CPA Ontario.
  • Access to Road to the CPA, a webinar series featuring CPAs and students in the CPA program.
  • CPA Ontario's job board, with exclusive access to job postings for post-secondary students.
  • One-on-one coffee, your chance to win a meeting with a CPA from a highly coveted list of CPAs in diverse roles and industries.
  • Recruitment tips for guidance on your career journey.
  • Access to the New Venture Challenge, CPA Ontario’s new provincial entrepreneurship competition.
  • Opportunity to apply for MAP to Success, CPA Ontario’s new PSAP mentorship program and your chance to connect with an established CPA member throughout the school year.

Board of Ambassadors

Practice your leadership skills as you pave your way to the top. The Board of Ambassadors (BoA) acts as an advisory and advocacy group for the CPA profession and is comprised of business students from university and college campuses across Ontario. The BoA rep position is a high-profile role that requires professionalism, leadership and initiative.

Employment Opportunities

Help is available at every step on the way to your becoming a Chartered Professional Accountant. Check out the CPA Ontario job board for Post-Secondary Ambassadors. Log in to PSAP Job Board for new postings from employers across the province. Once logged in, you can register for the job board by creating a username and password to view postings.

Board of Ambassadors

Lead participants in the Post-Secondary Ambassador Program as they prepare to become powerful industry leaders.

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