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Securexam FAQs

  • What are the hardware and software requirements for Securexam?

    To install Securexam, your laptop must meet these minimum hardware and software requirements:

    • Securexam runs on PC-based computers only.  
    • No Apple / Power PC/ Macintosh computer will be supported, even if it runs Windows.
    • Hardware:
      • 1 GB of RAM
      • 100 MB of free hard drive space (required to run application)
      • A free USB port. To use Securexam in the writing centre, you need a free USB port. You do not need a free USB port to practice with the software or to complete the mandatory “Qualification Exam.”
    • Software:
      • Microsoft Windows Operating System, Windows 7 or 8 or Windows 10
      • Securexam will not support Windows XP. Users with XP must upgrade their operating system to Windows 7, 8 or 10. 
  • I uploaded a completed qualification exam but did not receive an email from Securexam. What should I do?

    Log in to the Securexam site and check your account status. If it states that your qualification exam has been accepted then your account is okay. However, you should check that your spam filter is not blocking emails from Securexam. 

  • When I navigate to another question the answer tab screen changes to blue. Why?

    This may occur on some computers. Click on the spreadsheet tab and then return to the answer tab. The screen should be restored. No information will be lost.

  • I have Securexam loaded on my computer from last year. Do I still need to install the new version?

    Yes. You must have the current version of Securexam in order to use a computer during your examination. If you have a previous version of Securexam you must uninstall it and install the new version. Prior to your examination date, you must download all exam files.

  • How will my exam get marked?

    You are required to upload your final exam files to the Software Secure web site (the link is provided in D2L) within three hours after the examination has ended. Files received after that time may be subject to a late fee. Detailed instructions can be found in D2L.

  • I need to uninstall an older version of Securexam. How do I do this?

    Click on the Windows icon on the bottom left of your screen. Then select control panel from the right hand column. Click on "Programs" and then under "Programs and Features" select "Uninstall a Program" scroll down to Securexam, highlight the program and then select the "Uninstall" tab on the top toolbar and follow the instructions. For Windows 8 type "Control Panel" and then follow procedures above.

  • Why am I getting a message saying the Securexam licence has expired?

    In order to have Securexam working again, students need to update their licence using "get exams and licence" in the software. Please note, you must be connected to the Internet to update your exams and licenses.

  • When will I receive my User ID and password for Securexam?

    You will receive your User ID and password 5-7 business days after the module start date.