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Frequently Asked Questions about the Annual Student Fee (ASF)

Please find below answers to frequently asked questions about the Annual Student Fee.

Annual Student Fee (ASF): FAQs

  • What is the Annual Student Fee?

    •    The ASF is an annual fee covering the period of January 1 – December 31 each year. Students are billed prior to the January due date
    •    The ASF covers the cost of development, enhancement and delivery of the CPA certification program and its prerequisites.
    •    New students are charged the ASF according to, and on, the date of their registration. Thereafter they are billed the ASF at the same time as all other students.
    •    Students must pay the ASF to maintain their status in good standing with CPA Ontario.

  • What is included in the ASF?

    In addition to a flexible, premium education program, the ASF supports:

    •    Access to Brightspace (D2L), a learning management system that incorporates program material, discussion boards, webinars and videos, and serves as a peer support system to help you connect with your fellow students.
    •    Assistance toward completing practical experience, including tools like the Mentor Match Portal and Lifecyle Tool.
    •    Career Services for students, including workshops, webinars and networking events – many of which are free.
    •    Access to CPA Ontario Talent, a job board designed to help students find employment that meets the practical experience requirements.

  • Who is responsible for paying the ASF?

    Students are responsible for ensuring their ASF is paid, whether directly or through their employer.

  • Am I a student? I thought I was a candidate/enrollee/member.

    All students currently registered with CPA Ontario are required to pay the ASF.

    If you have not received the CPA designation, but are registered with CPA Ontario, you are a student, as per Regulation 6-1 or  6-4. This includes students who have completed the CPA certification program but are awaiting admission to membership.

    Students expecting to be admitted to membership in the same calendar year must pay the ASF. Depending on the date the student is admitted to membership, they may be eligible for a credit on their Annual Member Dues (AMD).

  • I no longer reside in Ontario. Am I still required to pay the ASF?

    Yes, all students registered with CPA Ontario must pay the ASF.

    If you wish to transfer to another provincial body, please refer to Transfers.

  • Why didn't CPA Ontario contact me about the ASF?

    CPA Ontario notifies students of the ASF via email.  If you did not receive a notice, it may be because:

    • The email address on your profile is incorrect.  Log in to the Student Portal to update your contact information instantly.
    • The email may have ended up in your spam folder. Please ensure that CPA Ontario is on your safe senders list.
  • What are the consequences of non-payment of the ASF?

    1. Students who do not pay by the required Due Date will be charged a Late Fee.
    2. Students who do not pay by the Late Fee Due Date will be suspended. During the period of suspension, the student shall have no rights or privileges of a student. This includes the right to enroll in any aspect of the CPA program, and its prerequisites, as well as the right to have any practical experience recognized. Students will also lose access to all online resources.
    3. Students who do not reinstate their suspension more than two months after their suspension will be deregistered. To reinstate, a student must complete the Reinstatement Form and pay the ASF, late fee and a reinstatement fee.

    Consequences of deregistration, either from withdrawal or failure to pay, include:

    o    Loss of any rights and privileges as a student registered with CPA Ontario.
    o    Loss of any transitional provisions or special considerations that may have been awarded to you as a student.
    o    Loss of the dual designation option, if applicable.
    o    Loss of any credits or courses earned in the CPA certification program prior to being deregistered.
    o    Loss of access to all online resources and portals.
    o    Loss of practical experience earned prior to being deregistered. Returning students may be eligible for a maximum of 12 months of preregistration experience provided such experience meets the requirements of the CPA Practical Experience Requirements in effect at the time of reregistration.

    Should a student wish to reregister, they will be treated as a new student. As such, they must complete a transcript assessment and pay applicable fees.

  • What payment options are there?

    There are four payment options available:

    1. Online payment can be made using Visa, MasterCard, Visa debit or INTERAC debit. Confirmation receipts for online payment will be available upon payment completion. For Visa debit payment, please enter your card information in the “Pay With Your Credit Card” area. For INTERAC debit payment, please click ‘online payment’ and follow the instructions to complete payment through the secure site via your financial institution.

    2. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) payment via your financial institution. Contact your financial institution to set up this option or perform this online through your online banking account. The payment lisiting is available under “CPA Ontario”. Please use your CPA Ontario ID as the account number.

      Receipts for EFTs will be available online in approximately five business days from the date payment is received.
    3. Students can pay by cheque, provided the cheque is received (and dated) prior to the payment deadline. This method requires additional processing time so it is recommended that you submit payment well in advance of the deadline.
      To pay by cheque, you must:
      • Print a copy of the invoice available when you are logged in to the ASF payment site.
      • Make the cheque payable to “CPA Ontario” and mail it, along with the invoice, to:
                Accounts Receivable
                Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario
                25 York Street, Suite 1100
                Toronto, ON M5J 2V5

        Receipts for cheques will become available online approximately five business days after the payment has been received and processed.

    4. Payment through employer may be completed following these steps:
      1. Visit the ASF payment portal.
      2. Confirm your profile information is correct. If you need to update it, follow the instructions.
      3. Select “Pay through employer.”
      4. Print your invoice and provide it to your employer.

        Payment confirmation will be made available once payment has been processed, approximately five business days after the cheque has been received. To access the payment confirmation, log back in to the ASF site and see the button on your profile page.

    **Payment cannot be made with AMEX or cash.**

  • How do I get a payment receipt?

    Log out of the Annual Student Fee website. Log back in to the ASF website and click “Confirmation of Payment” on the left hand navigation.

  • Will I receive a confirmation of payment?

    • For online payment, a payment receipt will be emailed to your email address on file.
    • Official payment confirmation will be made available online. Timelines depend on the method of payment.
    • To access your payment confirmation, log back in to the ASF website and click “Confirmation of Payment” on the left-hand navigation.
    • Credit card and debit payment confirmation is instant. EFT and cheque payment confirmation will be made available online in approximately five business days after payment has been received and processed. When a cheque or EFT payment is received and processed, the Confirmation of Payment button will become available.
  • My employer pays my fees. Do I need to do anything?

    Yes. Print a copy of the invoice available on the ASF website and provide it to your employer:

    • Log in and select “Payment by Employer” to access the invoice.
    • Print the invoice and provide it to your employer as soon as possible, to ensure there are no delays resulting in late payment fees or suspension.
    • Instructions on how employers can submit payment are included on the invoice.

    **The student is responsible for their Annual Student Fee, regardless of who makes the payment.**

  • I can't log in. What should I do?

    • Check that you are using the correct CPA Ontario ID which is listed in your ASF notice.
    • Try resetting your password.
    • If a "Restricted Access" message appears, please verify you are accessing the correct site.
    • Check that you are using Internet Explorer.
  • Nothing happens when I select the buttons “Pay by Personal Cheque” or “Pay through Employer”.

    • Double check a pop-up blocker is not on.
    • Check that the new pop-up window didn’t open behind the window currently open.
    • Clear all of your browser cookies.
    • The ASF website is optimized for Internet Explorer. If another browser is used, the website may not work properly.
  • What is my login ID?

    • Your login ID is your CPA Ontario ID.
    • If you are logging in for the FIRST time, or forgot your password, please select Create/Reset My Password. Passwords are case sensitive.
  • I have become, or will become, a member in this year. Do I have to pay the ASF and/or AMD?

    • All students registered with CPA Ontario must pay the Annual Student Fee (ASF), even if they are becoming members this year.
    • Depending on the date the student is admitted to membership, they may be eligible for a credit on their Annual Member Dues (AMD).
    • Students can refer to Regulation 4-2.
  • I am expecting to be accepted as a member this year.

    • All members must pay the AMD.
    • Credits may be applied depending on the month of admission.
  • Why does the current student registration form show proration of the ASF under the “Fees” section?

    • New students (non co-op) are charged the ASF according to the date of their registration:
      • Jan 1 – June 30: $600 + $78 HST
      • July 1 – December 31: $300 + $39 HST
    • The fee is paid, along with a $125 one time Initial Admin Fee, at the time of registration. Thereafter, the ASF is billed normally.
    • For students in approved co-op programs, the ASF is $300 + $39 HST.