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CPA PEP Modules

*The module fees are prorated weekly. For example, based on an 8-week module, if a student withdraws during the first week of the module, the cost of that week will be retained.

Module withdrawals do not count as a module attempt if made prior to the fourth Friday of the module. If you withdraw after the fourth Friday this will count as one of your three attempts at the module. Please refer to the PEP Module Refund Schedule for more details. Module withdrawals can be completed online by selecting a category below:

Module Withdrawals

Challenge Exams

Challenge Exams may not be deferred. If unable to attend, students must withdraw from the challenge exam prior to the exam date. If students withdraw after the exam date, an attempt will be counted.

Common Final Examination (CFE)

CPA PEP Deferral Policies

CPA PEP module exams can be deferred only once, and the exam must be taken at the next offering. Only Module Exams may be deferred. Modules cannot be deferred.

CPA PEP Module Exams

CPA PEP Deferral Policies 2

Students who have completed the module assignments and the workshops in the core and elective modules can choose to defer the module-end examination until the next offering. However, if the student does not attempt the examination at the next regional offering, an attempt will be counted and deferral fees will not be refunded.

Module exam deferrals can be completed online by selecting a category below:

Module Exam Deferrals