CPA Ontario Annual Report 2017

CPA Ontario’s primary purpose is to protect the public interest. We enforce the highest professional and ethical standards, provide guidance for Canada’s business leaders, and support the continuing development of our members and students. Explore this site to learn more about our work over the past year.

Carol Wilding

“CPA Ontario continues to focus intently on our traditional role as a protector of the public trust and a steward of the profession. But today, playing our traditional role requires us to play a new one: acting as an insightful, responsive resource to CPAs as they navigate unprecedented change.”

Johanne Charbonneau

“CPA Ontario has a strong tradition of connecting members with opportunities to contribute, both within and beyond their professional roles. This tradition has been powered by a commitment to helping members thrive, and also by an understanding of how much communities and society stand to benefit from CPAs’ insights and leadership.”

Progress Update

As the regulator of Ontario’s more than 89,000 CPAs, our primary mission is to protect the public interest. To fulfil that mission, we not only uphold high standards as a regulator, we also work to attract and develop outstanding new candidates to the designation, and deliver services and supports that help our members advance their careers.

This report summarizes our progress over the past year on four strategic priorities that are vital to the strength of our profession and to the health of our organization.

Strategic Priorities





Attract a robust pipeline of new entrants to the profession.

As the demand for highly skilled business leaders continues to grow, training and accreditation options for talented people are proliferating. One goal of our unification process was to build a designation with the size and scope to compete for top talent — and CPA Ontario is working energetically to fulfil that objective.

We’re expanding the range of outreach and recruitment activities we undertake to attract outstanding candidates — from top graduates in business, accounting, and finance programs to internationally educated professionals (IEPs) seeking to adapt their skills and credentials to the Canadian market. From our extensive web of post-secondary relationships across Ontario to our partnerships in important economies around the world, we’re drawing strong new candidates to pursue our designation.

Special Update: Legislation
In May 2017, the Ontario government passed the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario Act, 2017, legislation that officially recognizes CPA Ontario as regulator of the province’s more than 89,000 accounting professionals. This milestone is the capstone of our unification process; it marks the formal conclusion of a complex and ambitious collective effort, and inaugurates a new chapter for our profession.

Explore the progress we’ve made this year across all areas of our organization and see how that progress has helped advance our four strategic objectives.

CPA Ontario Council and Executive Management Team

The CPA Ontario Council is made up of 16 elected members of CPA Ontario and four public representatives appointed by the Lieutenant-Governor. The President & CEO, supported by an executive management team, is responsible for strategy and the day-to-day operations, including the roles of educator, regulator, advocate, thought leader, and provider of benefits and services to our stakeholders.

Key duties of a Council member include:

  • Protect, and be seen to protect, the public interest.
  • Protect the interests of the profession and members.
  • Ensure the integrity and independence of CPA Ontario’s self-regulatory processes.
  • Act consistently in accordance with the values and ethics of the profession.
  • Set the strategic direction.
  • Approve the annual business plan and performance targets.

CPA Council Group

CPA Ontario Council Members Officers

  • Johanne Charbonneau
  • Alan T. Mak
  • Nigel White
  • Anita K. Ferrari

Council Members-At-Large

  • Chris Boland
    CPA, CA, CMA
  • Roseline Brennan
    CPA, CGA
  • Georgina M. Daniels
  • Ronald Harvey
  • John Hsu
  • Ian Jeffreys
    CPA, CA
  • Michel Lavigne
  • Delna Madon
    CPA, CA
  • Stephen McCaughey
    CPA, CMA
  • Catherine L. Russell
    CPA, CA
  • Debra J. Taylor
  • Dave Vert
    CPA, CA

Young CPA Representative - Non-Voting

  • Jennifer D. Lee
    CPA, CA

Public Representatives

  • Ginny Dybenko
  • Tim Kennish
  • Graham T. Parsons
    B.A. (Econ)
  • Robert C. Wong
    B.Sc., MBA

Executive Management Team

  • Carol Wilding
    President & Chief Executive Officer
  • Julie Lam
    CPA, CA
    Executive Vice-President & Chief Operating Officer
  • Elizabeth Cowie
    Vice-President, General Counsel
  • Kelly Gorman
    CPA, CA
    Vice-President, Regulatory & Standards
  • Richard Piticco
    CPA, CA
    Vice-President, Student Services
  • Nilpa Srivastava
    Vice-President, Marketing & Communications
  • Vacant
    Vice-President, Member Services

Standing Committees of Council

  • Anita K. Ferrari
    Finance & Audit Committee, Chair
  • Nigel White
    Governance & Nominating Committee, Chair
  • Cathy Russell
    CPA, CA
    Human Resources Committee, Chair

Regulatory Committees

Appeal Committee


  • Stephen R. Meek, FCPA, FCA

Deputy Chair

  • Larry P. Bookman, CPA, CA
  • John Love, CPA, CMA
  • Allan E. Mackay, CPA, CMA
  • Darroch A. Robertson, FCPA, FCA

Professional Conduct Committee


  • Robert G. Simon, CPA, CA

Deputy Chair

  • Daniel J. Cremasco, FCPA, FCA
  • Peter P. Farkas, CPA, CA
  • Elena D. M. Hufton, CPA, CA

Discipline Committee


  • Joan A. Cullemore, FCPA, FCA

Deputy Chair

  • Randal J. Adamkowski, CPA, CA
  • David Debenham, CPA, CMA
  • Stephen F. Dineley, FCPA, FCA
  • Stuart M. Douglas, FCPA, FCA
  • Anne C. Mackenzie, CPA, CMA
  • A. Douglas Nichols, FCPA, FCA

Public Accounting Licensing Board


  • John Beech, FCPA, FCA

Membership Committee


  • Elaine Sequeira, FCPA, FCA

Deputy Chair

  • Jordan Beallor, CPA, CA
  • A. Ross Mitchell, FCPA, FCA

Practice Inspection Committee


  • Jean Prichard, CPA, CA

Advisory Committees

Small Practices Advisory Committee


  • Edward Fink, CPA, CA

Volunteer Leadership
The generous efforts of CPA Ontario’s many volunteers benefit all members and students in the CPA program, the profession and the public. We extend our sincere thanks to the many committee volunteers who gave their time and expertise during fiscal 2017.

About CPA Ontario
Our primary purpose is to protect the public interest. We attract people who share our values and believe in our purpose — those of exceptional ethical character who do the right thing not just because it’s paramount but because it’s also in their nature. Above all, we are trusted to ensure students and members meet our profession’s standards and embrace our code of conduct.