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Special Considerations 

Module Workshop Accommodations

For accommodation for disabilities at workshops, please complete the accommodation request form.

For religious accommodation, the religious leader request must be received two weeks prior to workshop.

Exam Accommodations

General Information

CPA Ontario provides reasonable test accommodations to individuals who have documented disabilities (physical, mental or learning impairments) within the definition provided by the Human Rights Code. Accommodation requests are assessed on a case-by-case basis to ensure equal opportunity for individuals to fully demonstrate their qualifications without altering the nature or level of the qualification being assessed. We consider each case after carefully reviewing the submitted documentation; however, submitting a request does not guarantee receiving accommodation. Accommodations are provided to ensure that all individuals are treated fairly on all evaluations.

Specific accommodations depend on the nature of the disability. Accommodations may include, but are not limited to:

  • providing a quiet room with minimal distractions;
  • permitting timed rest breaks during the exam;
  • providing enlarged font on the exam question and answer papers;
  • allowing a medical device in the examination room, such as an inhaler or diabetic equipment (if not attached to the individual’s body); and
  • increasing time permitted for the examination.

To request an accommodation, submit all of the required forms and information no later than 10 weeks before the examination. This allows sufficient time for us to review the application and, if necessary, request additional information and receive it from the individual. Applications submitted closer to the exam date run the risk of being denied.

We may accept applications up to two weeks before the examination date in exceptional circumstances, such as in the event of an accident or for compassionate reasons.

Mail original documentation to:

If you are a CPA preparatory course student or ACAF student, please send completed forms by EMAIL to Karen Salij and MAIL original forms to CPA Ontario - Attention: Karen Salij, 69 Bloor Street East, Toronto, Ontario, M4W 1B3.

If you are a CPA PEP student, please send completed forms by EMAIL to Ted Peart and MAIL original forms to CPA Ontario - Attention: Ted Peart, 69 Bloor Street East, Toronto, Ontario, M4W 1B3

We will send you an email upon receipt of your application.

Application Checklist

  1. Accommodation Request Candidate Form 1 (required)
  2. Accommodation Request Medical Form 2 (required)
  3. Accommodation Request Cognitive Disability Score Sheet Form 3 (if applicable)
  4. Current psychological assessment with clear statement of diagnosis (if applicable)
  5. Evidence of accommodations granted by universities or professional education programs (if applicable)


If you wish to discuss these provisions further, please contact Nisha Sethi , CPA, CA  .


If your accommodation request is approved, you MUST follow the below steps for EACH EXAM you plan to write:

1) Enrol for each exam you plan to write in the first week of the enrolment period.
2) Immediately after enrolling for the exam, you must contact Karen Salij (ACAF or PREP exams) or Ted Peart (PEP exams) to confirm your accommodations.  This must also be done in the first week of the enrolment period.


Important: the above two steps must be completed within the first week of the enrolment period. CPA Ontario can not guarantee that your accommodations will be granted in time for the exam if your request is not received within the first week of the enrolment period..


Appeals are allowed, but only if you provide new information or evidence relevant to your case. After receiving your initial decision, you have seven days to launch an appeal. CPA Ontario reserves the right to subject applicants to testing by its own psychological expert in order to assess the case under appeal.