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Continuously improving our strong partnerships with educators is a strategic priority for CPA Ontario. These partnerships include all areas of our Learning Stream -- Career Information, Education and Professional Development. The Learning Stream's mission is to attract the best and the brightest university graduates to the profession, help them to become CPAs through rigorous education, evaluation and experience requirements and then assist them in fulfilling their commitment to excellence through lifelong learning.

The Career Information (CI) area partners with university and high school educators to keep students informed of the unlimited opportunities the profession has to offer. Its university and high school associate student programs provide a wealth of information about the profession, as well as opportunities to win money through such contests as ¢OIN and CA$H, to help them further their education.

The Education area is responsible for maintaining the internationally-recognized, high standards of qualification for Ontario. It works continuously in partnership with university educators to ensure that programs and courses offered in these institutions leading toward the CPA designation appropriately prepare students for the demands that society, the profession and future employers will place upon them.

The Professional Development (PD) area supports members' lifelong learning needs through a broad range of relevant, high quality, cost effective programs. University Faculty Colleagues are invited to take advantage of two days of our complimentary PD. The PD area also works with post-secondary accounting educators in the design, development and delivery of many of its PD programs. We are currently exploring other partnering opportunities with Ontario Universities in order to expand the breadth and depth of the PD options available in Ontario.