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Professional Conduct Committee 

Overview: The Professional Conduct Committee reviews and investigates complaints received about members, students, professional corporations and firms and other matters drawn to its attention that indicate a violation of the CPA Code of Professional Conduct, Regulations or Bylaws. The Committee also provides advice on questions concerning the ethical propriety of, or the application of the CPA Code of Professional Conduct to, specific situations or proposed courses of action.

Composition: The Committee is comprised of volunteers (including public representatives)appointed by Council and is representative of the membership occupationally and geographically.  

Committee members are appointed for an initial term of one year and are eligible for re-appointment for additional terms of three years.

Meetings: The Committee year begins with an orientation session for new members and runs from September to the following July. Meeting materials are circulated well in advance of each meeting.

Complaints Process: When a complaint is received, staff obtains full details and supporting documents from each of the complainant and the member involved (the “responding member”). Information provided by either party may be shared with the other to ensure that full details are obtained.

Correspondence and other data received from the complainant and the responding member, together with a report summarizing the pertinent details, are forwarded to a subcommittee of the Committee for review and the formulation of a recommendation. Where the subcommittee finds it necessary to obtain further information, they may request that the responding member attend an informal subcommittee meeting or recommend that the responding Member attend a formal Committee meeting to answer questions.

Where the complaint is complex, the Committee may appoint an investigator to obtain more detailed information and documents, including statements from individuals. The investigator will prepare a report to the Committee. This is reviewed by the same division who will determine whether to close the file, provide guidance to the responding member, or formally make allegations of professional misconduct against the responding member. Usually, the responding member will also attend this meeting to answer direct questions from Committee members based on the findings in the investigator’s report.

Expenses: CPA Ontario reimburses Committee members for travel expenses and mileage incurred on Committee business.

How to Apply: If you are:
• a member in good standing of CPA Ontario, with no prior disciplinary history; and
• a partner in a CPA firm or a sole practitioner whose clientele includes a variety of assurance and/or tax engagements, or
• have ten or more years of experience in a senior financial and/or executive role, or
• have ten or more years of post-qualification experience as a CBV, CIRP, CFE, DIFA, etc. and;
• would like an opportunity to help uphold the public’s trust in chartered professional accountancy and give back to the profession;
please fill out the application form.  Unless applicants indicate otherwise, resumés will be kept on file for two years for use in later Committee years. Only those applicants short-listed for Committee membership in the current year will be contacted.

Deadline to submit applications for consideration for the 2017/2018 committee year is March 31, 2017.  Any applications received after this date will be put in for consideration for the following committee year.

For more information, please contact Standards Enforcement at