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Volunteer Opportunities 

CPA Ontario is committed to helping members and students in the program find meaningful volunteer opportunities that match their interests and skills, and continue our proud tradition of strong community service and leadership.

CPA Volunteer Positions on CPA Ontario Talent

CPA Ontario Talent provides members and students in the program with postings from charitable or not-for-profit organizations and agencies seeking CPA volunteers for tax help, leadership roles such as board positions, committee chairs, and more. The postings include information about the organization and its mandate; location; a description of the volunteer position, including responsibilities and any necessary qualifications; and time commitment.

CPA Ontario Committee Volunteer Opportunities

CPA Ontario has a number of volunteer opportunities for senior members to serve the profession and the public as members of its Committees.

Tax Preparation Assistance

Join your fellow CPAs and give back to the community by preparing tax returns for people who need assistance in our community. Together we can help thousands of individuals who truly need our help receiving tax refunds and credits that are only available by filing an income tax return.

CPA Speakers Bureau

If you enjoy speaking in front of an audience and you don't mind volunteering your time, the CPA Speakers Bureau can put your knowledge to good use. There are a variety of topics available, and when you accept a speaking engagement, you can earn credits toward your professional development commitment.

Share your Experience as a CPA Volunteer with our Student Recruitment Team

Are you a proud CPA who is willing to share your knowledge, insights and career experiences in order to inspire the next generation of Chartered Professional Accountants? If so, we would greatly appreciate your support as a CPA Ontario Recruitment Volunteer! We hold many recruiting events for prospective CPAs.

There are many types of opportunities available with the Student Recruitment Team, ranging from networking sessions with prospects to participating in panel discussions and case competition judging. 

If you are interested, please fill out our CPA Ontario Volunteer Call-to-Action Survey to register. Once you have completed the survey your name is added to our volunteer database and members of the student recruitment team will reach out to you when there are volunteer opportunities available.  

If you have any questions about volunteering with the Student Recruitment Team or would like to hear more about events in your area please contact Mallory Rellinger at:

To be eligible to volunteer on behalf of CPA Ontario student recruiting events, you must be a member or student of CPA Ontario in good standing and must not have a disciplinary history.