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Public Accounting Licensing 


We have been granted authorization by the Public Accountants Council (PAC) to license and govern our members in the practice of public accounting.

Members - applying for a new licence (licence not currently held)

Members who are not currently licensed may apply for a public accounting licence by completing an application and paying a prescribed fee and fulfilling additional requirements above and beyond membership requirements in order to obtain and maintain a public accounting licence. The application package (Form 9-1A) and fee amount may be accessed on the website at:  Application for Public Accounting Licence.

For more details on the Public Accounting Licensure requirements, refer to Regulation 9-1.

A Member in good standing of CPA Ontario (whether a legacy CMA, CGA or CA) who has never held a public accounting licence will be able to apply to CPA Ontario for a public accounting licence when the Member has met the educational, study, practical experience, examination and other requirements, including the Current Competency Requirement, as set out in the regulations of CPA Ontario.  

For Legacy CMAs and Legacy CGAs, the specific requirements have yet to be finalized and discussions are ongoing between the legacy bodies and the Public Accountants Council of Ontario.  Members will be provided with an update once more information is available. While the outcome of these discussions cannot be foretold, one of the fundamental principles of unification is that existing standards would be maintained.  

For further inquiry, refer to the following link for the Licensing FAQs.

Members - renewing an existing licence

Public accounting licences may be renewed on an annual basis to cover the period November 1 through October 31. A Member who holds an existing public accounting licence is eligible to renew that licence, upon completing the online Public Accounting Licence Renewal Declaration (Form 9-1B) and paying the annual renewal fee. For additional information, please refer to the following page on our website: Important Notice-Renewal Requirements.

Professional Corporations - applying for a certificate of authorization

A professional corporation that is not currently authorized to practise public accounting may apply for a certificate of authorization by accessing the website at: Registration of Professional Corporation.