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Articles - Advisory Services 

The following articles and frequently asked questions (FAQs) address commonly raised Member and Practice Advisory questions and have been provided for the general guidance of members, students and firms.  Articles are organized according to the subject areas listed below.  As no two situations are identical, members and students are encouraged to contact a Practice Advisor at 416 962.1841 ext. 4456, or 1 800.387.0735 ext. 4456 for specific guidance related to their particular circumstances. 

Each member is responsible for ensuring that their own situation complies with the CPA Code of Professional Conduct ("CPA Code"), Bylaws and Regulations.  Where legal issues are involved, members must contact their own legal counsel.  The practice advice provided is general in nature and given in the context of the CPA Code.  No two factual circumstances are identical.  Only legal counsel can provide legal advice.

All references to the CPA Code, Bylaws and Regulations are accurate as of articles' original published dates.

Public Accounting Licences

Dear Advisor

Practice Management





CPA/Client Relationship

To whom can I give client information? (updated 2016)

Holding Client Files As Ransom (updated 2016)

How and When Can You Resign From Audit? (updated 2016)


Minimum Fees and Fee Collection (updated 2016)

A simple step to minimize fee disputes (Winter 2003 CheckMark)

File Retention

What to keep and for how long? (updated 2016)

Electronic record keeping (Canada Revenue Agency)

Keeping Records (Canada Revenue Agency)


Fraud in the Not-For-Profit environment (CPA Canada)

CAS 240 - Implementation tool for auditors: Testing journal entries & responding to the risk of management override of controls (CPA Canada 2015)

How to comply with Canada’s anti-money laundering requirements (CPA Canada 2008)


Guide to Canadian Independence Standard (updated 2016)

Changes to Rule 204 Independence to Address Breaches and Contingent Fees (updated 2016)

Revisions to Independence Standard (updated 2016)

Clarification on 2010 Changes to Independence Rule in respect of Partner Rotation (updated 2016)

Update on Annual Communication of Independence Matters (updated 2016)

Your Ability to Act as an Executor or Trustee for Your Clients (updated 2016)

Election Guidance 

Attention CFOs, Official Agents, and Auditors of Election Candidates (updated 2016)


Mechanical processing of tax returns (updated 2016)

Association with Non-Members in Public Practice (updated 2016)

Public Accounting Licences

Claiming Hours Not Charged to Clients as Eligible Hours for Public Accounting Licence Renewal (updated 2016)

Understanding the Public Accounting Experience Certification Report: Practical Examples (2010)

Tracking Experience to meet Public Accounting Licensing Requirements (updated 2016)

Public Accounting Licence Requirements for Assurance Engagements Specified in CICA Handbook -- Assurance (2009)

Frequently Asked Questions – Public Accounting Licensing

Disclosure of Status for Public Accountants - Requirements and Examples

Frequently Asked questions – Disclosure Requirements for Licensees

Dear Advisor

The Dear Advisor Series of articles helps members become better informed about the provisions of the Chartered Accountants Act, 2010 and the Bylaws and Regulations under that Act, as well as other ethical requirements under the CPA Code of Professional Conduct.

Practice Management

Practice Continuation and Succession Planning

Practice Continuation Plan - Your Legacy for Others (updated 2016)

Do Your Families Know Who to Contact When You Pass Away? (updated 2016)

The Partnership “Prenup”: Responsibly Managing Dissolutions (Autumn 2010 CheckMark)

Wealth Management Services

Impact of New Rule 216 Commission or similar compensation arrangements (2016)

Privacy and Cyber Security

Ten things to consider before moving to the cloud (CPA Canada 2015)

SMPs and the Cloud: Key Benefits & Risks (CPA Canada 2013)

ERM for Cloud Computing (COSO 2012)

Cloud Computing - A Primer (CPA Canada 2011)

Invest in Security Now or Pay Later (2009)

Digital Data and Security


Preparing for the New Review Engagement Standard

Using Canadian Auditing Standards to Your Advantage (2013)

Engagement Risks

AGM Roles and Rules for Public Accountants (updated 2016)

Surprise! Compilation Engagement Claims Exist (Winter 2011 CheckMark)

Let the Good Times Roll - Be Wary of Increased Risk (Spring 2006 CheckMark)

The risks of auditing a credit union (June 2009 Chartered Accountant Risk Management Newsletter)

Notice to Reader: Limited Responsibility with Potentially High Risk (Winter 2005 CheckMark)

Not-for-Profit Entities in the Public Sector

Is your Not-for-Profit Organization Controlled by Government? (2012)


Mechanical processing of tax returns (updated 2016)

IRS Proceeds with Plans for Registered Tax Return Preparers (2011)

Compliance With U.S. Personal Income Tax Filings (2011)

U.S. Paid Tax Return Preparer Registration is Now in Place (2010)