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Canadian CPA, CGA or CPA, CMA Designations - Become a CPA in Ontario 

Members of another provincial CPA body holding a Canadian Chartered Professional Accountant designation may apply to become Affiliate Members of the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario (CPA Ontario) under Regulation 6-3 Affiliate Applicant Admission (section 4.2). Affiliate Members are awarded the Chartered Professional Accountant designation and are therefore entitled to use the initials CPA in the manner prescribed in Regulation 4-7 Issuance and Use of Designations but are prohibited from use of the Chartered Accountant designation and initials CA.  

Eligibility for Admission to Membership as an Affiliate Member

To be eligible to apply for membership under the Affiliate class, an individual must:

  • Hold membership in good standing with a provincial CPA body and be entitled to use the designations CPA, CGA if a Chartered Professional Accountant and Certified General Accountant in that province; or
  • Hold membership in good standing with a provincial CPA body and be entitled to use the designations CPA, CMA if a Chartered Professional Accountant and Certified Management Accountant in that province.


How to Apply for Admission to Membership

Please submit the following:

  1. An Application Form (Form 6-3B)**  
  2. The Applicable Fee Remittance
  3. Provincial Institute Confirmation (Form 6-3D)
  4. Proof of Legal Name
  5. References from two (2) Canadian Accountants (Form 6-3E)


** All information and documentation required by this application form MUST be submitted in full by the applicant within sixty (60) calendar days of the application being received by CPA Ontario. Certain information is required for statistical and other reporting needs of CPA Ontario. Applicants who fail to provide all information and produce all documents and other materials as requested by the Registrar or, in extraordinary circumstances where such documentation is not available, provide alternate proof satisfactory to the Registrar, will not be considered by the Registrar under Regulation 6-3 and will forfeit the membership fee. Further, incomplete applications will NOT be processed and will be returned forthwith to the address provided by the applicant.

Public Accounting Licensing Eligibility

Admission to membership in CPA Ontario and the granting of the right to use the designation Chartered Professional Accountant and the initials, CPA, in Ontario does not automatically qualify a Member to be licensed as a public accountant. Members of CPA Ontario who seek to be licensed as public accountants must fulfill the specific requirements prescribed by the Public Accountants Council pursuant to the Public Accounting Act, 2004 and by the bylaws and regulations.  

An Affiliate Member will not be eligible for a public accounting licence, except on the basis of an entitlement to practise public accounting in the province/territory of the provincial institute/ordre by reason of licensure, certification or other authorization to practise public accounting in the province/territory of the provincial institute/ordre.


Upon receipt of a completed application for admission to membership, an individual will be informed within eight (8) to twelve (12) weeks of the Registrar’s decision on membership and if approved, will be admitted at the time of the decision.

Appeal Rights

A decision of the Registrar not to admit an individual to membership may be appealed by the individual to the Membership Committee.  The parties to an appeal are the individual appealing and the Registrar.  The appeal shall be conducted in accordance with the Rules of Practice and Procedure. The decision of the Membership Committee is final.


The fees required for admission to membership and for an Ontario public accounting licence are outlined on Application Form 6-3B. Please refer to Regulation 4-2 Dues for a complete listing of fees.

An Applicant/Student may be responsible for additional costs imposed by external parties.  These costs are not levied by CPA Ontario and are beyond CPA Ontario’s control. Therefore, CPA Ontario is unable to advise Applicants/Students of the total gross or net costs (after taking into account reimbursements or other subsidies made available by external parties) of the registration and qualification to membership processes. All costs levied by CPA Ontario have been approved by Council and are found in Regulation 4-2, Dues.


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